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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Twitch and what Channels are involved? is a livestreaming platform dedicated primarily to video games but board game and tabletop RPG content are rising stars on the platform. No account is needed to watch, but if you make an account, you can participate in live chat and follow channels so you know when they go live. If you want to support channels further, you can Subscribe for a few dollars a month (that goes primarily to the streamer) to get channel related rewards that you can use all across Twitch.

Depending on the time, there will be content on either Girls Game Shelf or Luzapalooza so check the Stream Schedule to make sure you know where to be. Additionally, there will be live unlimited player live playalongs of a few games on Nona Knows Games and ChixCanGame, so check the game schedule for when those will be.

What is Discord and how do I join?

Discord is a chat application accessible through a standalone application, or through your browser. It allows text, voice, and video based chat, and it allows you to participate in multiple servers via a single sign on. We have a Shelfapaluza server set up, and when you join, you'll be able to see channels full of people from our community playing games or looking for games or just chatting. Join in! If you're new to Discord, we've set up a channel in our server called #discord-information full of tutorials to get you up to speed. If something still seems wrong you can go to the #player-tech-support channel and ask your question, or send a message in any channel containing @Discord Divas and we'll come help.

Where do I go to play?

That depends! Our stream schedule has a mix of shows and live playalongs, just tune into the appropriate Twitch indicated on the schedule at the right time, and you'll be able to play along live. You might need to print a score sheet, but the streamers and the chat folks should easily be able to point you at what you need!

Our game schedule contains all the featured games that will be run out of our Discord (click to get an invite!) There will be voice and text rooms to get groups together - they'll be named according the game being played in them so hop on in! Free sign ups for games are available here but if when the time comes for the game, if there's open slots or late dropouts, Game Leads might ask for more players in the #players-wanting-to-play channel. Definitely feel free to take them up on that offer.

What if I want to play something that isn't on the schedule?

Go for it! Feel free to use the #players-wanting-to-play Discord channel to find people and coordinate any game you want.

I'm hosting a game and want to pass resources like character sheets or Tabletopia room numbers to my players. How can I do that?

Game Leads can rename Voice channels in Discord. When you enter an open voice Game Channel it will automatically create a text channel. If you are unable to tell which you are in, to the left of each channel name is an icon. Voice channels have a speaker icon, and text channels have a hashtag. You can put any relevant links into the associated text channel.

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