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Welcome to the Big Scavenger Hunt! Come join for a chance to win games. Even if you don’t win, participating should be lots of fun. Try to get creative and complete up to 50 board game related tasks. This is an ongoing event that lasts the entire convention, so you can play whenever you like! TASK LIST HERE!


  • You can play in a team that consists of 1 to 4 players. To participate a team must start by signing up. You do so by completing this form.

  • As mentioned on the event page, there are games to be won! A game is awarded to the top 3 teams that scored the most points and another game is given out through a participation prize raffle. You will be entered in the raffle if your team completes at least 10 tasks. You can win a game per team, NOT per team member (sent to whomever you named as team leader). Keep this in mind if your team consists of multiple households.

  • You must submit proof of completed tasks by taking a photo. The photo MUST include the date and your team name written on a piece of paper, NOT edited in digitally. This is done to make sure all submissions were created for this scavenger hunt. 

  • If a task asks you to pick something from a larger variety of options (like any game, character or publisher of your choice etc), please let me know what something you picked by typing a note with your submission. This speeds up judging.

  • A task doesn’t have to be executed by all team members unless otherwise instructed. This means you can split up your task list among your team.

  • Each task can only be submitted once, by any of your team members (NOT one entry per team member, just one TOTAL entry).

  • The event starts Friday Sept 11 at 8 PM UTC/22:00 CET. The event ends 48 hours later, Sunday Sept 13 at 8 PM UTC/22:00 CET. You must submit tasks within this timeframe. Results will be emailed 1-3 days after the event closes.

Feel free to post submissions to your personal Instagram and/or Facebook and tag me in them as well, but this does NOT count as an official submission this way (too much room for error if your post isn’t public or I don’t get the notification of your tag).


Tasks completed are worth between 1 and 3 points. However, the most creative entry for each task gains 10 bonus points! This means it often pays off to put in more effort in your tasks and pick quality over quantity. It’s better to submit less tasks and make them awesome, then rush to get through them all. If you don’t want to do a task, feel free to skip it. I have tried to sort them in categories to make it easier to navigate. You do NOT have to go in any particular order. Complete whatever task(s) you feel like doing.

Some tasks have quite a bit of wiggle room. For example, representing a game title in real life can be very literal (key + flower = Keyflower) or something much more abstract (like portraying The Pursuit of Happiness). Live far apart from your teammates and need to take a picture where you are all together? I can think of a few ways. Again, the key is creativity. Don’t have the skills or items needed for a task? Maybe you can think of a fun alternate or substitute. Your imagination will matter more than what stuff you have access to. However, if a task is frustrating you too much, skip it. Having fun is the most important part! 


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